I get this question quite a lot, especially given that I’m not a professional photographer and some of the stuff that I shoot are uninteresting to most. When I’m doing street photography I’m often asked “What do you want the photos for? ” So here I answer this question in detail, once and for all.

Because I can make something out of nothing

This is likely the main reason I love photography. Not just I can create, I can create from things that are already out there: light, objects, people, locations, emotions, colors, etc. Look at this picture:

A little girl looking down at the Spanish Steps in Rome

The whole scene lasted for less than a minute. I don’t know this young lady and she must have grown a lot since I took this picture. All it took me was to point my camera and press the shutter button. But now this scene is immortal. Maybe this girl will one day discover this photo. I hope so!

Sure I need a camera and a post processing software but nowadays everybody has a camera in their pocket.

Because I can take a little piece with me

Maybe I’m greedy or maybe I’m melancholy but I like to take something with me from each experience. I mean something material and photography is a simple way of doing this. 

Granted, these days with Instagram almost everybody is doing this, as can be seen for example from the over-abundance of people taking photos of even their food.

Because I’m nostalgic 

In my adult life I’ve moved quite a lot, for town to town and from country to country. Whenever I miss a place I’ve lived in or have visited before, nothing can be as comforting as looking at the photos I myself have taken in those places.  

Whenever I miss the happy Danes,

Danish high school girls in Odense, Denmark. Danes are the happiest nation in the world.

Or the grandeur of Berlin,

Or the Magic City,

A couple and the bridges of Prague

Or the stylish Italians,

Italian policewoman in Camerino, Italy

In all such cases my photography is my refuge.

Because I like capturing human condition

Different people like shooting different things. Some do portraits, some do street photography, some do weddings, landscapes, flowers and what not. I enjoy doing different genres of photography but nothing is as rewarding for me as capturing human emotions and condition.

An new coupe atop the Temple of the Sun at Teotihuacan near Mexico City. I see trouble on the horizon.
What is so distressing?
Bubbly confrontation

Because I have the vision

A little bit of bragging here but bear with me. A photographer can see a good picture in a mundane scene even before picking up his or her camera. That includes taking into account the effects that technology, such as camera’s capabilities and postproduction, can produce on the image.


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